Will Tuttle Endorses The Buddha, The Vegan and You

I want to personally thank Will Tuttle for the wonderful review and endorsement of The Buddha, The Vegan, and You. I am humbly grateful.

Will Tuttle’s Review of The Buddha, The Vegan and You:
“A Reawakened Understanding of the Buddhist Teachings for Everyone”

“Calling for a reawakened understanding of the Buddhist teachings, John Bussineau’s story of personal transformation sheds light on the most significant issues facing all of us today. I particularly loved his passionate and detailed account of the Buddhist practice of “analytical meditation” as a means to cultivate wisdom, and free the mind of toxic habits and delusions. Applying analytical meditation to the practice of eating animal foods gave John the capacity to awaken deeper levels of compassion and clarity, and to open his heart to compassion for others, and also, in the process to heal his body and mind as well. The Buddha The Vegan and You is a valuable contribution to both the emerging vegan literature that includes spiritual dimensions, as well as to the vast Buddhist literature that, unfortunately in our day, has not had enough to say about our routine abuse of animals for food and other products. This is an inspiring book that helps us reconnect with our inner wisdom, and remember the deeper truths about our shared life on this fragile Earth.”

~ Will Tuttle, Author of The World Peace Diet