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Bodhisattvas in Burlington

I met some vegan Bodhisattvas in Burlington last week. It’s a small city just east of Toronto, Canada. They were standing on the corners and in the intersection of Appleby Line and Harvester road. They were holding a vigil, bearing witness, and sending love in all directions. We all know what a vegan is: a […]

The 1st Asian Buddhist Animal Rights Conference

The first ever Asian Buddhist Animal Rights Conference was held on September 30th, 2016. One would imagine that Buddhism and Animal Rights, which go hand-in-hand since Buddhists care for all sentient beings, would be celebrating its 20th or 30th annual conference but unfortunately that is not the case. While Buddhists consider all sentient life as precious and […]

Go See “Eating You Alive”

Last night, my wife, Billie and I had the pleasure of attending the very first pre-release screening of the movie, “Eating You Alive” with about 450 other Detroit area people interested in better health through eating a whole-foods plant-based diet. It is a great movie and will be as (or more) successful than “Forks Over […]

Is the SAD diet the Middle Path?

The middle path seeks to find a way through the extremes of asceticism and gluttony. Ascetics in the Buddha’s time put their bodies through rigorous anorexic self-mortification practices to the point of almost death in order to exert control over the body and train the mind. On the other end of the spectrum was full […]

Veganism Is Practice

Practice, that thing we do on the cushion each day. We may set the timer. Or ring a gong. Sit in a chair, on a yoga mat, or on the ground. We can watch our breath. Recite mantras. Count our mala beads. And visualize enlightened society or any object of refuge we choose to focus […]

Will Tuttle Endorses The Buddha, The Vegan and You

I want to personally thank Will Tuttle for the wonderful review and endorsement of The Buddha, The Vegan, and You. I am humbly grateful. Will Tuttle’s Review of The Buddha, The Vegan and You: “A Reawakened Understanding of the Buddhist Teachings for Everyone” “Calling for a reawakened understanding of the Buddhist teachings, John Bussineau’s story […]