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With the heart of a stone Buddha

With the Heart of a Stone Buddha

The climate changed.

The temperatures rose.

Himalayan glaciers melted.

The polar caps no more.

Species died.

Fresh water dwindled.

Crops failed.

Storms monumental.

People parched and starving.

Billions died.

All the while Buddhist scholars stood their ground.

“The Buddha did not tell his followers they could not eat meat.”

Followers loved hearing their desire.

Scholars refusing to see causality in deforestation, dead zones and acid rain ate their bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Practitioners refusing to see dependent origination in greenhouse gas emissions ate their beef cheeseburgers for lunch.

With plastic containers in the oceans now outnumbering fish, all ate their toxic farmed salmon and shrimp for dinner.

Disavowing the death of billions of ocean and land creatures.

Their hearts beating with the same cold pulse as a stone Buddha.

They upheld the fallacious doctrine of eating meat whilst purportedly practicing compassion.

And with the last in-breath containing more invisible CO2 than any humans ever had inhaled before,

Cold “Canon” truth met its final Karmic result.

Then in the last “mindful”outbreath.

A sophistry of epic sorrowful proportions.

Suffered its final logical conclusion.

~ John Bussineau